Each semester, the IKUS team is organizing new events for International and German students.

The IKUS semester event plan consists of new and regular events you can learn more about here.

In addition to the new events each month, KICKUS ans Language Café take place alternating every week.

We look forward to seeing you!


 IKUS SoSe24 Programm

Dates for the events - for times check Welcome To OVGU- App:


27th: Potluck Brunch

27th: Theatre evening



3rd: Ukrainian Evening

9th: Theatre

30th: Bike tour Bauhaus



7th: High Rope Garden Elbauenpark

15th: Day Trip to Potsdam

29th: Hiking in the Harz



6th: Minigolf Outdoor

13th: Picknick + Outdoor Games



16th-18th: Excursion

29th/30th: Dance Workshop


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