Getting to Magdeburg

Magdeburg lies in the center of Northern Germany, only a 90 minute drive from Berlin.

When you are coming to Germany, you can take a flight to Berlin (Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER "Willy Brandt"). From BER, you can take a regional train to Potsdam (for example the RB22 train). From there, you can take the train RE1 directly to Magdeburg. In total, it would take roughly 2h30min from BER Airport to Magdeburg, the trains leave once an hour. You can purchase the ticket for the train at the train station as well as in the DB (German Railways) App. For timings and more details, see the website of the German Railways.

If you come from Frankfurt (Main), be prepared to spend a little more time on the train, as a ride to Magdeburg would usually take between 5-6h. There are connections via Cologne or Hannover where you have to change trains only once, however there are many options on how to reach Magdeburg via many different cities, which will require changing trains twice or thrice. For more information and detailed train connections, please check the German Railways website or app.

Safe travels!

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