Step 7: Studies and Exams


First you should get an user account to use the computers at the university. The terminal for registration can be found at the IT-Center of the University Universitätsrechenzentrum (URZ; building 26.1). With this account you get a user name and an email address at the university in the form of This account is needed to sign up for various exams, to be able to use printers and computers in the URZ, to access the online offer of our library, the WiFi and the LSF.
Good news: You can now also do it online! To activate you account you can click here.

After you have created your account, you can access it here.

With this account you can also access myovgu, the LSF, your library account, E-Learning and the Language Center.

Create your schedule

After you have activated your account you can now create your schedule easily on the LSF-Portal.

You can find a guideline on how to use the LSF-Portal here.

For all modules/courses that you would like to take in the summer semester, please register via LSF according to the registration deadline with your student e-mail adress.  If you encounter any issues with that please contact your respective faculty.

The university is currently working on a solution for international students who will be enrolled later. We ask for your understanding.

Do not hesitate to come to the IKUS office hours. If there should be any issues you can also contact your faculty since some of them offer an  buddy or mentoring programm. You can also ask someone in your faculty's student body or fellow students of a higher semester.

Enrollment Language Center

The registration via the Moodle plattform with an OvGU Account is obligatory. Otherwise, taking part in language classes is not possible.

If you are not a member of the university, please read the registration for external users.

Online-Enrolment SS 2024 :  April 2 (9:00) - April 19 2024 (18:00) - courses start on the 8.04.2024

Online registration Library

It is possible to use the online offers of the library with your library account. If you should not have access to such an account, you can register sending an email to

Registration for exams

Each faculty has its own enrollment periods. Please check regularly online on the website of your examination office to miss none important deadlines. Here is a listof all faculties' examination offices. For many tests you can register online at LSF. It may be necessary to apply in written form for an exam. For that you can learn more at your registrar's office.

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