About IKUS

IKUS is an intercultural student organization that supports international students in Magdeburg and brings them together with German students. We are an intercultural team and as students at the OVGU Magdeburg voluntarily engaged for IKUS.

We offer the possibility to let you have intercultural experiences while making friends. For this, we organize various parties, intercultural country nights, excursion etc.

In addition, IKUS offers continuous advice and support for international students in Magdeburg. We also support newly arrived students taking their first steps in Germany. We answer questions regarding to the German authorities and give advice and help with questions and problems related to studying in Magdeburg. Additionally, we organize our welcome weeks for freshmen.

It is our goal to facilitate (the begin of new) life episodes of international students in Magdeburg, to integrate them in the German society and support them in having intercultural friendships.


Would you like to gain intercultural competences and get to know many interesting people from many different countries? ... cooperate with young people? ... make experience in organizing events? ... and have a lot of fun doing that?

Then become a volunteer of IKUS. To become a volunteer, you can write an email to ikus@ovgu.de or visit the office hours. The same goes for if you want to organize a cultural evening event!

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