Step 10: De-registration of your residence

Regarding your studies

You have to de-register at the University ("Exmatrikulation"). For de-registration from the university, there is a form, which has to be signed by various institutions at the university.

Before de-registration you should talk to your examinations' office to obtain official confirmation of passed courses.


Regarding your life in Magdeburg

If you leave Germany for good, you must give notice of departure at the Citizens' Office. For this you will need the Apartment Donor Certificate (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung).

In addition:

As an EU student applies to you, that you have to sign off ("Abmeldung") at the Citizens' Office as soon as you leave Germany.

As a non-EU student you have to sign off at the Registration Office as well, but also at your health insurance. If you decide to stay longer in Germany, you have to inform the Foreigner Office before de-registration at the University, that you are going to finish your studies soon.

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