Step 9: Your primary contacts

To make your studies pleasant in Germany, you should introduce yourself at the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt AAA).

If you are an Erasmus, Freemover, or "Weltweit" student:

Your contact person is Ms. Güldenpfennig. Her office is in building 18, room 149. More info.

  • Advice for and admissions and enrolment of exchange programme students (incl. Erasmus+)
  • Social support for international students, especially exchange programme students (incl. Erasmus+)
  • Support for exchange programme students in finding accommodation


All international Fulltime students (who are planning to complete Bachelor's- or Master's Degree):

Your contact person is Ms. Böhning. Her office is in building 18, room 150. More info.

  • Study opportunities, requirements and application process
  • The recognition of foreign secondary and higher education qualifications
  • Questions and worries regarding your studies
  • Legal and social matters within and beyond your studies


The office hours of both are similar (within the semester):

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:  10 am - 12 noon
and additionally  
Tuesday: 1 pm - 3 pm
Thursday:  1 pm - 3 pm

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